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Car Tyres

All of the tyres we sell are brand new, made with quality rubber. All tyres were manufactured and tested to DOT and ECE, and issued with a Certificate of Approval, and The Products and Public Liabilites Insurance is Available. Buy with confidence.

Welcome to the Goodride Passenger Car Touring and Ultra High Performance tyres section.

Goodride’s passenger car radial tyre SP06, has an irregular and multi pitch pattern design that reduces noise effectively. In addition, it features bladed sipes, which provide amazing traction. This tyre is H and T speed rated for better cornering and handling and is M/S rated for rough weather conditions. It is also produced in a segmented mould for a smooth ride and is designed with a straight centerline groove to reduce road noise.

Another Goodride’s passenger car radial tyre is H550A. This pattern design consists of the combination of 2 wider channels with 4 narrower grooves. The design alongside the optimized abrasion-resistance tread compound can increase the tyres efficient driving mileage. As well the 4 water evacuation grooves will ensure its excellent steering performance on a wet road.

Goodride also offers the H600. This tyre provides great comfort as a result of being produced in a segmented mould for a smoother ride. This tyre is M/S rated and has a center rib for reduced road noise. This V speed rated tyre is backed with an application of 4-channel grooves and a large interface area to ensure high-speed performance and excellent drainage.

For the Ultra High Performance and SUV tyre available by Goodride is SV308. The V-groove and streamlined pattern design supplemental with two wide longitudinal grooves for drainage and rim protector on the sidewall can provide superior high speed stability in straight driving and excellent handling performance. Adoption of silicon dioxide technology substituted for the traditional carbon black can reduce the rolling resistance, increase the traction and shorten braking distance to ensure driving safety.

And Goodride also provide the Winter Car tyre SW602. The optimized direction of sipes on the SW602 model provide more traction and excellent braking ability. The V-shape tread pattern design means better driving stability on snow and lower noise. As well, the tread compound provides improved grip and better abrasion resistance in low temperatures.